Partner Verification

Climacrux’s partners have gone through a strict verification process only allowing companies whose processes result in net negative emissions. Our partners use verified removal methods and remove more CO₂ than they produce during the whole lifecycle of the removal process. With the help of a public ledger and auditing we ensure that the claimed amount is removed and avoid double selling.

Capability of removal

Climacrux’s carbon removal partners have passed a thorough and strict assessment to make sure their activities result in net negative emissions. To achieve true net negative emissions, the negative emissions produced in the process have to be larger than all the positive emissions caused. The negative emissions you can purchase on this website have all emissions produced during the process already removed and are therefore the net negative emissions.

Net Negative Emissions


Negative Emissions


Positive Emissions

To assess if this requirement is met, a life cycle assessment (LCA) is required. In the LCA all inputs and outputs of the whole carbon removal process are examined in detail to judge its overall impact. The life cycle of producing negative emissions depends strongly on the carbon removal method. Currently we have partners using underground bio-oil injection, forestation, kelp, olivine and direct air capture and storage (DACS).

Proof of removal

Negative emissions are an intangible product and thus having a public ledger displaying exactly how many negative emissions were produced and sold is critical to prove the removal, allow transparent auditing and avoid double selling.

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