Carbon removal timeline

Carbon removal timeline

Timing factors

Capturing and storing carbon dioxide is not an immediate process and can take time. To bring as much transparency to the process as possible we would like to explain the factors that can influence the delivery time and provide some expectations as to how long it can take.

Partner capacities

The carbon removal industry is in it's infancy and as removal partners start out they generally have limited capacity that can be delivered each year.

For example, the largest DACS plant can capture and store 4,000 tonnes per year. Bio-oil injection capacity is another 5,000+ tonnes per year. These are small numbers but the companies are becoming more efficient and scaling up.

CDR delivery time

Once the carbon removal has been kicked-off by our partners (trees planted, bio-mass 'melted' to bio-oil, olivine sand spread etc.), each method then requires some time to be able capture and store the carbon dioxide.

For example, after planting trees they will take 5 years to grow, photosynthesise and sequester the requested amount of carbon dioxide.

Removal process and timeline

Below you can find the steps involved and an approximate duration from requesting CO₂ removal via the API to delivery of that CDR.

Step Duration Description
Subscription start/one-time purchase complete Seconds Using to create your individual CO₂ removal plan/purchase. In case of a subscription you will be charged again after the chosen interval.
Purchasing CDR from partners Months After we received your payment we will process your order. We currently batch and order from our partners 2-4 times a year. This may change in the future.
CDR kick-off Months-Years Depending on the partner capacity and removal method it may take anywhere from a few months to a year or two before starting the removal of your carbon dioxide.
CDR completion Days-Years Some methods are able to immediate deliver the CDR (e.g. bio-oil injection means the CO₂ is immediately locked away), however other methods may take years to fully sequester CO₂ (e.g. forestation - trees take 5 years to grow and sequester the requested carbon dioxide).
We differ between kick-off time and completed time. Removing carbon takes different amounts of time depending on the method.

Kick-off time is when the removal partner starts to produce the negative emissions.

Completed time is when the production is completed and the carbon dioxide is permanently removed.

Differences between methods

As described, partner capacity and removal method can influence delivery timelines. Below you can find some rough information based on our experience with how long it will take to kick-off and then deliver removal across various methods.

Kelp sinking

Stage Duration
Kick-off 0.5-2 years after purchase.
CDR complete 1-2 years after kick-off.

Bio-oil injection

Stage Duration
Kick-off 0.5-2 years after purchase.
CDR complete Weeks or months after kick-off.


Stage Duration
Kick-off Weeks or months after purchase.
CDR complete 5 years after kick-off.

Olivine distribution

Stage Duration
Kick-off Months after purchase.
CDR complete 50 years after kick-off.

Direct air capture and storage (DACS)

Stage Duration
Kick-off 1-2 years after purchase.
CDR complete 2-3 years after kick-off.