Olivine sand
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greenSand amplifies chemical weathering by mining, grinding and distributing olivine minerals to naturally remove CO₂.

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Amplifying "chemical weathering" - a natural process in which minerals such as olivine dissolve atmospheric CO₂ - by minining, grinding and distributing the minerals in optimal locations.

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Negative emissions

The mineral olivine reacts naturally with atmospheric CO₂. When amplified this process is a carbon dioxide removal method called enhanced weathering. Our dutch partner greenSand is an olivine specialist who realise projects in which olivine is mined, processed and distributed for carbon dioxide sequestration. To significantly accelerate the natural process, greenSand grinds the rock creating a larger surface area.

Life cycle analysis

Taking into account the grey emissions, 1 ton of olivine has the potential to sequester 1 ton of CO₂ over a period of 1000 years with the following sequestration rate:

CO₂ sequestration rate of greenSand's olivine

In the first 50 years 32.82% of the olivine will have “weathered” - chemically reacted with water and carbon dioxide to dissolve. For 1 ton of olivine distributed that equals 328.2 kg of CO₂ sequestered after 50 years.


Sequestering CO₂ with the nature-based carbon removal method through olivine is an excellent extension to Carbon Removed’s portfolio of removal methods. We believe that to achieve the maximum positive impact through supporting a variety of negative emission technologies and enhances natural carbon removal processes. Sequestering CO₂ with the mineral olivine, greenSand is an excellent extension to Carbon Removed’s portfolio of carbon dioxide removal.

The only disadvantage of olivine is that it takes time - but that only means we must distribute more of it earlier. The big advantage on the other side is that chemical weathering is not invented by humans, but a natural mechanism that existed for longer than humanity itself. We only accelerate the process by creating more surface area.

This project is one of many we support - minimising the damage done to the environment and maximising the impact we can all have on climate change. It is important that everyone chooses to reduce their footprint and slow the emissions of dangerous greenhouse gases but combined with carbon removal projects such as this one, it is possible for us to fight and undo the climate crisis.

If you’re interested in supporting carbon removal projects like enhanced weathering with olivine, please start a subscription today and destroy your emissions.