Transparency and Fairness

As a social enterprise, trust and transparency are core to our business. Choosing to buy with us is choosing to make a difference in the world.

Where does your money go?

A minimum of 70% of your money goes directly to our partners to remove your carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This percentage varies depending on the plan you select or the amount you purchase one off. Included in this price are any incurred taxes, transaction or maintenance fees.

The remaining money, up to 30%, is used to cover our running costs - hosting, licenses, administration, webpage maintenance and customer support; product improvement - partner acquisition, adding and improving features; and spreading the word to attract more subscribers and make a bigger impact.

Currently we remove carbon dioxide through with different methods: forestation, direct air capture and storage (DACS), bio-oil and olivine. The representation of each approach depends on the product you purchase.

Nature based solutions such as trees, carbon farming and bio-char are often low cost but may take time.

DACS and Bio-oil are incredible technologies capable of removing large quantities of CO₂ from the atmosphere but, being in their infancy, are exceptionally expensive. We know that prices will come down in the future so we choose to support these processes while offering carbon removal to you at reasonable prices.

We publish all of the invoices and certificates we receive from our removal partners so you can be completely aware of what we have achieved so far.

Future Savings

Our primary goal is to capture as much CO₂ as possible, supporting many different carbon removal methods along the way. Prices vary wildly and change over time - DACS is an expensive new technology but removes CO₂ fast whereas trees continually capture a much smaller amount every day for their entire lifetime.

As we grow, we are able to buy from all of our methods in greater quantities and (hopefully) at cheaper prices. We make sure these savings are passed on to you by reviewing the prices of products and services every 6 months increasing removal amounts accordingly.

Avoiding Double Selling

Our company is open and transparent. We maintain a public ledger of all our tree planting and CO₂ removal. These numbers come with proof-of-purchase that is independently verifiable with our respective partners.

Carbon Removal Calculations

How do we know how much carbon is actually being removed?

CO₂ sequestration through tree planting

Trees are planted as seedlings - around 2-3 years old - giving them a higher chance of survival. Every tree sequesters different amounts of carbon (C) depending on species, biome and age of the tree. We use an average CO₂ sequestration rate of 10.875kg of CO₂/tree/year and plant double the number of trees required incase of disease or wildfires. We only sell the carbon dioxide removed by each tree in it’s first 5 years of growth. After that point, any additional removal will be a gift to nature.

The sequestration rate of a single tree is calculated the following way: With the potential to plant 1.2 trillion trees world-wide, this will sequester around 205 billion tons of carbon or 751 billion tons of carbon dioxide. Taking an average growth span of 50 years where the tree will reach 87% of it’s growth potential, this averages out at a sequestration rate of 10.875kg of CO₂/tree/year. Sources and references for the statistics and more information about carbon removal via tree planting can be found on our forestation learn page.

Upon purchasing trees an entry is made in our ledger with the proof of purchase. Each day we allocate a 365ᵗʰ of the above calculated CO₂ sequestration rate to each planted tree and this guaranteed removal is what we offer in our subscriptions.

Enhancing natural weathering processes

Enhanced weathering accelerates a natural chemical reaction to mineralize carbon dioxide into bicarbonates, however for a weathering mineral such as olivine to reach maximum sequestration potential, it can take up to 1000 years. Weathering rate however, is not constant and linear. Over 30% of sequestration potential is achieved within the first 50 years and so when 1kg of carbon dioxide removal with olivine is purchased, we calculate this over a period of 50 years. Additional carbon dioxide removed after this time is a gift from us all to the planet.

More detailed information is available on our enhanced weathering project page.

Pumping CO₂ underground in the form of bio-oil

Waste biomass is heated without the presence of oxygen producing a carbon heavy bio-oil. As soon as this is pumped underground into caverns left empty by the removal of crude oil, the carbon is permanently removed and will stay there for hundreds of millions of years.

CO₂ removal through DACS

Direct air capture and storage is an immediate, calculated removal of CO₂ from the atmosphere. Our partners run their processing plants constantly capturing CO₂ and we purchase that removal from them.

We keep a regularly updated, publicly available spreadsheet containing all of the calculations above

Your Impact

If you purchase or subscribe to carbon dioxide removal with us, your money not only removes your footprint to fight the climate crisis but also supports communities, beneficial projects and technologies around the world.



With 81% of Nepals population residing in rural areas, Nepali depend on the natural environment for food shelter, and income.

Replanting forests here not only helps the local people but also benefits 27 endangered mammal species, including the Bengal Tigers.

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Direct Air Capture and Storage


New technologies enable CO₂ to be captured from the air that surrounds us all. Once removed this gas can be sustainably turned into stone deep underground.

We support these efforts as they lower CO₂ levels in the atmosphere permanently and safely.

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Direct Air Capture and Storage



Wildfires, drought and bark beetles have left 129 million trees missing from California’s forests.

Our support here plants Sugar Pine, California Redwoods, Giant Sequoia (among others) offering long term carbon storage effects and promoting a varied habitat.

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