Frequently Asked Questions

Answering common questions about carbon removal and our product.

About Carbon Removed

Why are carbon removal credits so expensive?

Science - once the carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere it’s a lot harder to remove again. We have an excess already and this must be removed (as well as emissions rates reduced) to ensure our survival.

We also support a variety of technologies of varying costs to make sure that as much progress as possible is made in this area.

As we grow our buying power will increase and prices will drop - your support today will help us get cheaper in the future.

Learn more about how we calculated the price on this link.

How is "carbon removal" different from "carbon credits"?

“Carbon credits” are certificates that are created and sold by projects that aim to reduce future emissions. While these projects may have a great social impact they do nothing to combat previous emissions and the existing excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. For example, providing “green coal” to communities in Africa may help those people produce less carbon dioxide however emissions are still being released. The difference in CO₂ between these “reduced” emissions and the original emissions is what makes up a carbon credit and this is sold as offsets to people and businesses.

“Carbon removal” on the other hand actively extracts and permanently removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Compensating footprints in this way is essential to undo the existing excess of carbon emissions and to fight the climate crisis.

What differentiates you from other companies in this space?

Removal, not Reduction.

This subtle yet important point is our key selling point and differentiator.

Our existing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are a lot higher than they should be and this will require some work to bring down again.

Other companies focus on reduction of future emissions (carbon credits) but we know that unless the existing excess is tackled, we will not make it to the future to begin with.

How do you guarantee long-term carbon removal?

Our primary focus is to reverse climate change through guaranteed, permanent and sustainable carbon dioxide removal and this is reflected in the methods and partners we choose to do so.

To compensate your carbon footprint, we only support carbon dioxide removal and not carbon credits, which are ambiguous and not guaranteed. At the moment we support tree planting and direct air capture and storage.

The method direct air capture and storage has by nature a solid guarantee as it is constantly capturing and removing CO₂ from the atmosphere, turning it into stone which will remain solid and unchanged for thousands of years.

Trees are also an excellent natural carbon sink provided they do not rot and are not burned as this will release the CO₂ back into the atmosphere. When selecting tree planting partners we will only choose those which can guarantee that the trees will be properly maintained and under no circumstances be cut down for at least 30 years (realistically the trees will stand much longer than this).

Sadly natural disasters such as wildfires do happen and we cannot guarantee against these occurrences. Where possible we do contribute and maintain existing forests as well as supporting the replanting of destroyed lands.

The partners we choose who help us plant the trees or use their ‘direct air capture and storage’ machines are selected extremely careful. Learn more details about the carbon removal projects we support under this link.

Your purchase or subscription

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please note: We're working on a new user accounts feature to enable complete management of your subscription. Until then, please see the old answer below:

Cancelling your subscription is possible any time. Simply send a message to [email protected] and we will stop removing CO₂ for you.

Don’t worry though - all CO₂ currently removed will stay that way - captured in your name and the certificates of proof are yours to keep.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

All CO₂ removed in your name will stay captured and removed from the atmosphere.

All trees planted will remain standing with future maintenance covered by our pool of active subscribers and future sequestration allocated to fresh subscribers if possible. If not the trees will be a gift from us to the planet.

Climate change

Why does the climate change?

The ice age cycles from the last 3 million years were caused by periodic oscillations of Earth’s rotation and orbit, which lead to changes in the distribution of sun light.

Earth’s rotations and distance to the sun are not the only factors determining the climate, Earth’s atmosphere has a profound impact on the climate as well.

Learn more about the causes of climate change.

Is the climate changing?

In Earth’s history the climate has always varied and thanks to modern science we are able to calculate how it has changed in the last few million years. There were mild periods like the one we are in at the moment, but also states in which giant ice sheets covered the northern continents.

Learn more about the climate and how it changed.