Carbon Removal by Reforestation in California

Repairing wildfire damage

After huge wildfires destroyed vast areas of California's forests, trees must be replanted to provide the native wildlife a home and recapture the CO₂ released into the atmosphere.

Forest fire restoration

As a dry, windy and hot region California will often experience wildfires from spring to late autumn that deal a reasonable amount of damage. Nature is normally able to recover from these naturally occurring fires however the number and intensity has grown in recent times. Climate change causes more extreme weather, making wildfires occur more often and fanned by stronger winds these fires grow bigger and out of control.

Trees are constantly removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in their wood, leaves and roots but when a wildfire destroys a forest this CO₂ is released back into the atmosphere making the situation worse. It is important that these trees are re-planted - not only to recapture the carbon dioxide that was released into the atmosphere but also to rebuild the homes and food lost by the native wildlife.

We choose to plant local trees (Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine, White Fir, Douglas-fir, Giant Sequoia) to try and restore these forests back to their true greatness.


From the moment they are planted trees will grow and continuously capture and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Trees are a natural way for us to help fight the climate crisis but they do an incredible amount for the local environment and ecology.

Local animal species such as bears, cougars and deer (as well as small animals, birds and reptiles) get their homes and sources of food back with the fresh trees that we have ordered to be planted. As the trees grow their roots provide strength and reinforcement to the soil, capturing water for the animals to drink and preventing landslides, rockfalls and flooding onto the communities and infrastructure below.

We are aware that the wildfires may happen again which is why proper forest management is being used in National Parks and Yosemite West to space the new trees wider apart and lessen the chances of a fire destroying them all.

This project is one of many we support - minimising the damage done to the environment and maximising the impact we can all have on climate change. It is important that everyone chooses to reduce their footprint and slow the emissions of dangerous greenhouse gases but combined with carbon removal projects such as this one, it is possible for us to fight and undo the effects of the climate crisis.

If you’re interested in supporting carbon removal projects like forest fire reforestation, please start a subscription today and turn your emissions into trees and stone.

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Sustainable Development Goal - Life on Land

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Sustainable Development Goal - Climate Action

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