Artist rendering of the planned Octavia Carbon DACS facility
Artist rendering of the planned Octavia Carbon DACS facility
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Exciting News: Climacrux and Octavia Carbon partner to further DACS in the global South

Supporting multiple carbon removal methods is an essential part of meeting net zero targets. Today we're proud to announce a partnership with a DACS facility in Kenya to help scale up global negative emissions.

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You may not know this but Kenya is quickly becoming a focal point for carbon removal. With ample geothermal energy and a favourable geology Kenya's Rift Valley is a great opportunity to build direct air capture and storage (DACS) plants. DACS is a truly viable option to help address the excess emissions in our atmosphere but requires a sustainable energy supply and ideally on-site storage for the captured carbon dioxide gas.

Octavia Carbon is a new Kenyan startup who design, build and operate their own direct air capture machines. They currently have built 3 DAC models with the latest machines capable of capturing 10 tonnes of CO₂ per year and are preparing to scale and build more of these machines with the goal of removing 1000 tonnes/year as part of their project codenamed “Project Hummingbird”. This will be the largest DAC plant in the global South.

One of Octavia Carbons prototype machines
One of Octavia Carbons prototype machines

It’s not carbon removal without permanent storage and so the CO₂ gas captured by Octavia Carbons machines is then mineralized to rock. Octavia have partnered with a carbon mineralization company to turn their CO₂ into rock for safe, permanent and irreversible storage using the power of Kenya's natural basalt rock formations.

Today we are excited to announce that Climacrux and Octavia Carbon have signed a partnership agreement to offer negative emissions via DACS on the Climacrux platform. This will shortly be rolling out as an option for both businesses and individuals to purchase. 

Supply is limited at this stage and demand is high so stay tuned as we bring you more updates on this thrilling journey towards a sustainable future.