The Team

We're a lean team of two - both in love with the stunning natural world and passionate about protecting it.

Ewan Jones

Ewan Jones

Software Engineer, Edinburgh University


Fabienne Muff

Fabienne Muff

Mechanical Engineer MSc, ETH Zurich


Carbon Removed is the child of two nature loving friends who are driven to undo the damage their lifestyle has had on the environment. Understanding that reducing footprints was not enough it became clear that the only way to really protect the natural world from manmade climate breakdown was to focus on removing their unavoidable and historical emissions.

Today it is the life goal of the founders to help those who similarly struggle with the guilt of destroying our planet; to show that it is possible to reduce emissions yet maintain an enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle; and to empower everyone to be able to take responsibility for their actions and remove their unavoidable emissions to live a carbon neutral life.

As we grow we will continue to look for people who share this mentality. If you also want to contribute to the reversal of climate change please routinely check our careers page to see if we have something for you.

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