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Compensate a flight, your commute or emissions produced because of eating meat.

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If subscriptions are not your thing you can make a custom purchase here.

  1. Enter a custom amount or select one of our suggestions from below
  2. Pay for your removal and undo your selected number of kilograms
  3. Receive a carbon removal certificate to proof your undoing of your emissions

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Your emissions will be removed in the following way


Direct Air Capture

CO₂ is sucked out of the ambient air and pumped underground to turn into stone.



Biomass heated to 700℃ without oxygen turns to high-carbon oil to be pumped underground



Olivine stone is a by-product of mining that naturally sequesters CO₂ in the presence of water



Trees naturally sequester CO₂ into their roots and branches. By planting fresh trees we rewild the wild and naturally remove CO₂

You will receive a negative emissions certificate to verify your emissions have been removed.

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