Carbon Removal Subscription Gift Cards

Give the gift of carbon neutrality and climate friendliness

Unsure what to give the nature lover in your life? Avoid unnecessary gifts and remove their CO₂ footprint.

Carbon Removed Gift Cards

By giving the gift of carbon neutrality you help reduce the footprint of your loved ones and protect our future.

After selecting one of the removal options below and filling out the required information we will send you a digital gift card to present to your recipient. Select their birthday, anniversary or any date you would like us to send the gift card to the recipient and inform them about the subscription. We will start removing CO₂ in their name and send certificates of proof monthly.

Once the gift period is over your chosen recipient will have the option to continue their subscription but there is no obligation to do so.

Please note that due to the nature of carbon removal we do not offer refunds at this time.

Your emissions will be removed in the following way


Direct Air Capture

CO₂ is sucked out of the ambient air and pumped underground to turn into stone.



Biomass heated to 700℃ without oxygen turns to high-carbon oil to be pumped underground



Olivine stone is a by-product of mining that naturally sequesters CO₂ in the presence of water



Trees naturally sequester CO₂ into their roots and branches. By planting fresh trees we rewild the wild and naturally remove CO₂

*1 footprint = 8 tons of CO₂ - the yearly average carbon footprint of an European

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To create and send the gift card on your desired date we require some information about you - the giver - and the recipient.

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